Increase on farm liveweight production per hectare with Pallaton Raphno®.

Introduction to Pallaton

Pallaton is the first new forage brassica species for the Australian environment in over 30 years, providing feed for your farmers when they need it most by bridging the summer/autumn feed gap for beef, sheep, and dairy. 

Developed by PGG Wrightson Seeds under the Forage Innovations joint venture with Plant and Food Research, Pallaton is a raphanobrassica, a hybrid between Brassica oleracea (kale) and Raphanus sativus (radish). The goal of this breeding programme was to combine five important traits, which would perform for Australian farmers within increasingly challenging environments. 

Pallaton is high yielding, offering flexible grazing as early as 56 days after sowing, but can also be deferred up to 100 days after sowing. It is persistent under multiple grazings and has shown high stock palatability. With excellent water use efficiency and aphid tolerance, Pallaton is ideal for many farming operations.

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