When identifying lucerne cultivars for true grazing tolerance, ensure you choose cultivars that are evaluated here in Australia under the internationally recognised Standard Test Protocol for grazing tolerant lucerne.

The Stamina range of modern lucernes provide a higher return on investment (especially after 3 years) in comparison to older cultivars such as Aurora. 

TRUE grazing tolerance also offers a range of additional benefits.

The Stamina range of TRUE grazing tolerant lucerne provides:

  • high yields and strong stand density
  • improved traffic tolerance
  • lower crown height causing less stress on crowns
  • long term, reliable feed (5 plus years of grazing)
  • persistence under multiple grazings
  • reduced risk of weed invasion by maintaining
  • stand density for longer
  • strong recovery from drought
  • the ability to tolerate pests and diseases such as aphids, Sitona Weevil, fungi and viruses
  • quality hay production

Torrens GT8 NEW highly winter active grazing tolerant lucerne

A TRUE dual-purpose lucerne

By combining winter activity and grazing tolerance, Torrens GT8 provides flexibility not previously available. The low crown height offers protection to the plant from heavy grazing, high tyre traffic or hoof damage. This means that Torrens GT8 (Stamina range) fits a wide range of farm systems from hay production and crop rotations, to grazing enterprises. It also gives producers more management options and the ability to respond to variable conditions.

Torrens GT8 is the first highly winter active, grazing tolerant lucerne to be released to the Australian market that has been tested under the Internationally recognised Standard Test Protocol for grazing tolerant lucerne.

Isaac Berry, PGG Wrightson Seeds National Product Development Manager says“The new Torrens GT8 is an exciting, highly winter active lucerne for the PGG Wrightson Seeds portfolio. In recent grazing tolerance trials, it was a true standout for persistence and ground cover compared to other winter active lucerne cultivars. After 2 years of consistent periods of set stocking, Torrens GT8 was the only highly winter active lucerne remaining. This gives farmers confidence that while grazing during times of feed shortages, Torrens GT8 can persist.”

2012-2020 grazing tolerant lucerne trial: Leigh Creek, VIC

Torrens GT8 a Stamina® grazing tolerant lucerne, had higher ground cover in years 2 and 3 compared to all dormancy 7-10 varieties and some dormancy 6 varieties. Torrens GT8 also maintained 40% ground cover after 8 years of hard grazing.

After all cultivars were trialled under the internationally recognised Standard Test Protocol for grazing tolerant lucerne, it was evident that:

  • Torrens GT8 ground cover was 40.8% higher than Aurora after the first set stocking period in 2014.
  • Aurora continued to decline in 2015, dropping to 15% ground cover.
  • Torrens GT8 had a ground cover percentage of 62.5% after 2 years of the grazing tolerance trial.
  • The Stamina range is an ideal choice for farmers seeking a long term lucerne solution with a higher return on investment, compared to cultivars which decline significantly in ground cover after 2-3 years.


Make it homegrown feed today with PGG Wrightson Seeds TRUE grazing tolerant lucerne.

For sowing rates, grazing management, information on Superstrike® lucerne seed treatment and more, specific to your farming needs; Contact your local PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales Agronomist, download a copy of our Lucerne Management Guide or find out more below.


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