Combine spring sown herbs or brassica with the PGG Wrightson Seeds Programmed Approach®  to enjoy homegrown feed all year round and set your operation up for a high performing perennial in the future. Simply follow Step 6 through to 8 by sowing a proprietary brassica or chicory variety after autumn sown annual ryegrass. 

Pick proprietary brassica seed varieties as part of the Programmed Approach.

As part of the largest dedicated forage brassica breeding programmes in the world* with a primary focus on forage crops for the grazing animal; PGG Wrightson Seeds captures the full value of improved genetics available in today’s brassica space.

*Forage Innovations Limited (FIL) is a joint venture between Plant & Food Research and PGG Wrightson Seeds. It is the largest dedicated forage brassica breeding company in the world.

Brassica crops are an integral part of a systematic approach to pasture renewal. As excellent sources of high-quality feed, brassicas improve animal productivity due to the high quantities of forage available for grazing. Brassicas also allow the use of selective chemistry, which is an essential part of cleaning paddocks up before perennial pastures are sown.

Use brassica, or chicory after sowing winter active ryegrass as part of a programmed approach to: 

  • assist in covering feed shortages
  • provide high quality feed
  • break the perennial weed cycle
  • address drainage and fertility issues
  • break wild endophyte cycles
  • create a foundation for improving direct drilling
  • enjoy homegrown feed all year round

If you’re a Pallaton grower...

Sow Rocket Fuel after your Pallaton crop to create a high performance cropping rotation whilst establishing clover for a high performing perennial pasture in the future.

Pallaton Raphno® is the first new forage brassica species in Australia since the 1980’s. Pallaton provides feed when farmers need it most bridging the summer/autumn feed gap for beef, sheep and dairy as a result of its impressive water use efficiency. Pallaton is high yielding, aphid tolerant, highly palatable and displays drought tolerance and strong plant persistence under multiple grazings.

Available under agency agreement through accredited retailers.

Make it homegrown feed today with PGG Wrightson Seeds brassica and herb varieties in combination with the Programmed Approach to pasture renewal. 

For sowing rates, grazing management, information on Ultrastrike® seed treatment and more specific to your farming needs: Contact your local PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales Agronomist, download a copy of our Brassica Management Guide or find out more below.


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