Make it homegrown feed with leading, proprietary, proven performers.

With over $9 million per annum invested in research and development, 25 full time plant breeders and 58 research staff across Oceania, we have the knowledge, resources and ability to deliver quality, innovative varieties for you and the Australian environment.

Check out some of our spring favourites and trial results below, or get in touch with your local PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales Agronomist today for information specific to your farming needs.

Envirogro treated seed

Stamina® grazing tolerant lucerne - Premium quality hay and TRUE grazing tolerance. The Stamina range of modern lucernes provide a higher return on investment (especially after 3 years) in comparison to older cultivars such as Aurora.

Remember that there is lucerne that tolerates grazing and there is grazing tolerant lucerne.


Pallaton Raphno®: The first new forage brassica species in Australia since the 1980’s. Pallaton provides feed when farmers need it most bridging the summer/autumn feed gap for beef, sheep and dairy as a result of its impressive water use efficiency.

Pallaton is high yielding, aphid tolerant, highly palatable and displays drought tolerance and strong plant persistence under multiple grazings (5 plus grazings).


Grow your productivity today with proven tropical and subtropical varieties. Increase your return on investment and sow a high performing Brachiaria pasture or improve soil nitrogen with proprietary tropical and subtropical legumes. 

Discover the Envirogro® seed tratment process: The tailored process, that cleans, treats, and improves the bare seed count and purity of your tropical and subtropical grasses and legumes. 


Pick proprietary brassica, chicory or clover seed varieties as part of the Programmed Approach.

With one of the largest dedicated forage brassica breeding programmes in the world with a primary focus on forage crops for the grazing animal; PGG Wrightson Seeds captures the full value of improved genetics available in today’s brassica space.

Sow proprietary brassica, chicory or clover seed varieties as part of the PGG Wrightson Seeds Programmed Approach® and set yourself up for a high performing perennial in the future. 


Amigain is the latest generation red clover bred for increased persistence and growth in permanent or short term, high performance pastures.

Improve soil nitrogen, animal performance and dry matter production with proprietary clovers.


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