• High animal preference forage rape cultivar
  • Best whole plant MJME (megajoules of metabolisable energy) content of PGG Wrightson Seeds rapes
  • Multi-graze option with excellent regrowth potential
  • Very good aphid and virus tolerance
  • Early maturing
  • Bred and trialled by FIL for Australian grazing systems
  • Sowing Rate 3-6 kg/ha
  • Days to Grazing From 70 To 90
  • Growing Seasons Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
  • Grazing Seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
  • Number Of Grazings + 3
  • Rainfall Minimum 600mm per annum
  • Soil Fertility High (Olsen P 20+)

The tasty multi-graze forage rape

Titan combines early maturity, high dry matter yields and exceptional palatability to deliver a high quality summer/autumn/winter feed option. Strong regrowth potential offers multi-graze options for all grazing systems. Titan provides very good aphid and virus tolerance.

Forage rapes provide leafy, high quality feed at later dates than hybrid leafy turnips. Forage rapes generally grow more dry matter from each grazing than leafy turnips. However they generally provide fewer grazings in total than leafy turnips. Plant breeders have introduced kale genetics into forage rapes to increase aphid and pest tolerance, frost tolerance and general hardiness.

There are two maturity groups in forage rapes: 70–90 days (early maturing: e.g. Maxima Plus, Titan) and 90–110 days (late maturing: e.g. Goliath). Titan forage rape is a high yielding, intermediate height rape with kale genetics used to give increased tolerance to aphids.

Grazing management

Titan is an early maturing forage rape and can be grazed from 70 to 90 days after sowing.
Grazing livestock can be introduced to the Titan crop area first at 70 days after sowing and can be ready for re-grazing after 30 to 40 days with favourable conditions. Titan rape has been developed to re-grow from multiple grazings and therefore animal performance is best captured from rotational grazing.

New leaves appear from each node on the stem and if the central stem is maintained after grazing, excellent re-growth can occur on Titan forage rape crops. Even though it is optimal to maintain the central stem to maximise re-growth, Titan forage rape has been developed to re-grow from hard grazing to ground level.


Titan is a rape cross kale cultivar and has been developed by Plant and Food Research (NZ) using embryo rescue. Titan has been produced by new scientific techniques, which enables the traditional European rape-type to be extended into a New Zealand bred, multiple graze summer, autumn and winter utility crop.


Minimum 600mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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