Wet Feet

A quality blend adapted to periodic flooding

  • Excellent dry matter production
  • Excellent ground cover on flood plains
  • Fast regenerating legumes to ensure sustainability
  • Sow at 7-10kg/ha


  • Sowing Rate 7
Wet Feet offers increased persistence while also providing good late season growth. The inclusion of panic and bluegrass will assist the mix in tolerating periodic flooding.

Callide - Rhodes grass - Envirogro® treated
Highly productive and palatable with day length sensitive flowering to ensure maximum production
Bambatsi - Panic - Envirogro® treated
Cool season greenness, tolerates heavy grazing and periodic waterlogging
Humidicola - Brachiaria - Envirogro® treated
Strong perennial, good ground cover and high tolerance of waterlogging
V8 - Stylo - Envirogro® treated
Tropical alternative to lucerne with 2,4-D herbicide tolerance

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