Delivers good production and combats problem weeds

  • Delivers sustained production on land previously overtaken by Giant Rat’s Tail Grass
  • Tolerance of traditional Giant Rat’s Tail Grass control herbicides and lower soil fertility
  • Sow at 8-12kg/ha
  • Sowing Rate 8
Suppressor is a great all-rounder with long term persistence, good dry matter production and high productivity and palatability. In addition, this mix offers good tolerance to herbicides commonly used in the control of Giant Rat’s Tail Grass (Sporobolus spp) without compromising production.

Katambora - Rhodes grass - Envirogro® treated
Provides long term persistence in varying soil types and fertility levels
Mekong Briz™ antha - Brachiaria - Envirogro® treated
Late flowering with outstanding dry matter production
V8 - Stylo - Envirogro® treated
Tropical alternative to lucerne with 2,4-D herbicide tolerance

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