coastal grass & legume mix

  • Offers long term persistance
  • Traditional Giant Rat’s Tail Grass control herbicides tolerance
  • Suited to more fertile soils
  • Highly palatable with high dry matter production
  • Sowing Rate 8-12 kg/ha
  • Growing Seasons Autumn, Spring, Summer
  • Rainfall Minimum 600mm per annum
  • Pasture Life 5 years+

Delivers good production and combats problem weeds

Suppressor is a great all-rounder with long term persistence, good dry matter production, high productivity and palatability. In addition, this coastal grass and legume seed mix offers good tolerance to herbicides that are commonly used in the control of Giant Rat’s Tail Grass (Sporobolus spp) without compromising production. 

Suppressor coastal grass and legume mix contains:

Katambora Rhodes grass: Envirogro® treated
Provides long term persistence in varying soil types and fertility levels
Mekong Briz antha Brachiaria: Envirogro treated
Late flowering with outstanding dry matter production
V8 stylo: Envirogro treated
Highly palatable grazing legume with 2,4-D herbicide tolerance

Did you know we do custom mixes?

We have a range of tropical and subtropical mixes to suit a variety of situations, but we also work with our customers to create the perfect blend for them. For seed sowing rates specific to your farming needs or to find out more about custom mixes, contact your local PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales Agronomist here.

Available with the Envirogro seed treatment process

The Envirogro seed treatment process gives PGG Wrightson Seeds tropical and subtropical seed varieties a better start. Envirogro is a tailored process, that cleans, treats, and improves the bare seed count and purity of tropical, subtropical grasses and legumes.

If the species requires, the bare seed is taken through a process of de-hulling leaving only the caryopses, before being coated and cleaned again to achieve high purity. 

Envirogro benefits

  • Coated with insecticide, polymer and talc/lime
  • Improved seed flowability and ballistic properties
  • Improves seed quality and purity
  • Increases bare seed count for a higher return on investment
  • Produces a clean, uniform seed
  • Reduced risk of establishment failure 
  • Removes seed husk from the caryopsis (if required)
  • Removes weed seed, waste material and contaminants 

Click here for more information on the Envirogro seed treatment process


Minimum 600mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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