Delivers high levels of dry matter long into the season

  • Delivers quality feed for extended periods of the season
  • Excellent for competing with problem weeds within the tropics
  • Highly palatable
  • Sow at 10-15kg/ha
  • Sowing Rate 10
  • Rainfall Minimum 900mm per annum
Delivering high levels of dry matter production, Rigour is suitable for intensive grazing, is highly palatable and provides an extended growing season through the inclusion of Mekong Briz™ antha.

Mekong Briz™ antha - Brachiaria - Envirogro® treated

Late flowering with outstanding dry matter production
Signal (Brachi) - Brachiaria
Dense sward forming tropical grass, successful in suppressing problem weeds
Callide - Rhodes grass - Envirogro® treated
Highly productive and palatable with day length sensitive flowering to ensure maximum production


Minimum 900mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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