A quality blend to assist in overcoming nitrogen rundown

  • Provides extended feed periods to grass pastures
  • Increases soil nitrogen levels to assist in increased pasture production
  • Ideal blend for use in crop rotation
  • Legume blend for improved pasture quality
  • Sow at 2-4kg/ha
  • Sowing Rate 2
  • Rainfall Minimum 500mm per annum
Nitrogen rundown in pastures on Brigalow and Belah soils is becoming a major issue within sub tropical pasture systems.
Revival has been designed to provide persistence with competitive pasture systems such as buffel grass.

Caatinga - Stylo – Envirogro® treated
High production and excellent grazing across a range of soil types
Marc - Desmanthus – Envirogro® treated
Drought tolerant and very persistent in low rainfall environments
Aztec Atro - Sirato - Envirogro® treated
Summer active, fast establishing and resistant to bean rust


Minimum 500mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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