Great for increasing production of native pasture in northern Australia

  • Excellent for harsh environments
  • Responds quickly to rainfall and is persistent
  • Perfectly suited to aerial application
  • Sow at 1-3kg/ha
  • Sowing Rate 1
Ideal for aerial seeding in to timbered or inaccessible areas. Suited to harsh environments, Resilience can persist and perform well in low fertility soils responding quickly to rainfall events following dry periods.

Supasab - Urochloa – Envirogro® treated
Responds quickly to rainfall, to be one of the fastest feed sources after extended dry periods
Seca - Stylo – Envirogro® treated
Consistent performer even under the harshest environments
Verano - Stylo – Envirogro® treated
Tolerant of low fertility and heavy grazing pressure
Wynn - Wynn cassia – Envirogro® treated
Unique ability to persist and perform on low fertility soils

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