Annual multispecies mix

  • Ideal for cover cropping in tree or vine crops
  • Fast ground cover 
  • Provides quick, biodiverse feed
  • Good dry matter production
  • Improves soil nitrogen
  • Grazing opportunities
  • Fixes nitrogen


  • Days to Grazing From 45 To 70
  • Growing Seasons Autumn, Spring, Winter
  • Grazing Seasons Spring, Autumn, Winter
  • Number Of Grazings + 3
  • Rainfall Minimum 450mm per annum

Nitrogen fixation, quick feed and ground cover

A temperate, autumn sown annual multispecies mix that improves soil nitrogen and provides high quality feed from autumn until late spring. Is suited to a wide range of environments and operations, looking for grazing opportunities and quick ground cover from an autumn sowing.

The PGG Wrightson seeds annual multispecies mix is ideal for cover cropping in tree or vine crops, multispecies pasture mixes, grazing with livestock, and, as a green manure crop.

Annual multi species mix

The PGG Wrightson Seeds Annual multispecies mix includes:

SOUTHERN GREEN RYECORN: An exceptionally fast establishing grazing option particularly when sown late into cold conditions. Southern Green can be up and ready to graze three weeks before oats and when managed correctly can offer multiple grazings.

PEAS Fixes nitrogen and provides high energy feed.

ANNUAL RYEGRASS: Provides high quality forage, high dry matter production and quick ground cover.

SULLA: A deep rooted, non bloating legume that fixes nitrogen and regenerates well from seed.

CRIMSON: Provides good spring dry matter production and fixes nitrogen.

ANNUAL SUB CLOVER: Produces high quality dry matter through winter and spring and provides strong ground cover. Will set seed through a burr and fixes nitrogen for following pasture or crop.

TILLAGE RADISH: A deep rooted brassica that helps to reduce various soil issues due to its large, tuber taproot.

BLADDER CLOVER: Hard seeded adapting well to low rainfall seasons.

PERSIAN CLOVER: A self-regenerating annual clover that fixes nitrogen and produces high quality dry matter over a range of soil types.

Sowing and establishment

Annual multispecies mix can be utilised in many different situations and environments. Therefore, sowing rates should be circumstance specific. For sowing information specific to your environment, contact your local PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales Agronomist today.

Grazing management

The increase in seedling vigour may shorten the time to first grazing, however it is important to closely monitor plants and prioritise strong establishment. Apply nitrogen to encourage tillering and increase early dry matter production. Nitrogen should be applied before canopy closure or just after first grazing, monitor nitrate levels when grazing any autumn forage.


Minimum 450mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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