Diploid Perennial Ryegrass

  • Mid-heading (+3)
  • High rust tolerance
  • Medium tiller density
  • High insect tolerance
  • Versatile- beef, sheep & diary
  • Tetraploid/Diploid Diploid
  • Rainfall Minimum 500mm per annum
  • Pasture Life 5 years+

Somerset SE is a mid-heading (+3 days), diploid perennial ryegrass suited to beef, sheep and dairy grazing systems.

With impressive seeding vigour to provide rapid establishment, combined with good autumn, winter and spring yields, Somerset SE is a reliable dry matter producer. Somerset SE is also well suited to high quality silage and hay production.

With medium tiller density and tolerance to a wide range of insect pests, Somerset SE displays very good pasture persistence. Due to Somerset SE containing Standard Entophyte it does require careful grazing management, particularly during drier time of the year when the possibility of ryegrass staggers is increased.


Where Can it Grow

Sowing & Establishment

Grazing Management


Minimum 500mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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