• Robust and densely tillered with exceptional cool season growth
  • Excellent summer quality (low aftermath heading)
  • Very good disease resistance
  • Perfect for oversowing
  • High yielding Italian perennial cross
  • Sowing rate dependent on environment and situation
  • Sowing Rate 10-30 kg/ha
  • Heading Date Late
  • Days to Grazing From 45 To 70
  • Growing Seasons Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
  • Grazing Seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
  • Grazing Method Rotational Grazed – Medium Term
  • Tetraploid/Diploid Diploid
  • Rainfall Minimum 500mm per annum
  • Pasture Life 6 mths - 2years

Add hybrid vigour to your Italian ryegrass system

Maverick GII is a diploid short rotation ryegrass that offers improved growing performance over standard short term ryegrasses. This style of grass is best suited to situations where high winter production is required along with late season growth and quality.

Sowing and establishment

Maverick GII short rotation ryegrass can be sown at 15-25 kg/ha as a pure sward with Superstrike® treated clover, or added to a perennial pasture mix at 4-7 kg/ha. In an undersowing situation, sow Superstrike® treated seed at 10-15 kg/ha. 

For pasture seed sowing rates specific to your farming needs, contact your local PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales Agronomist here

Grazing management

Maverick GII short rotation ryegrass is best suited to rotational grazing. For best persistence, avoid hard grazing over summer.


Minimum 500mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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