Corson Maize - Booster

Dual Purpose: Silage CRM 81, Grain CRM 88

  • Very early maturity dual purpose hybrid
  • Excellent yield stability
  • Large bulky plant with excellent early growth
  • Very good stalk and root strength
  • Girthy well filled ears packed with large excellent test weight kernel
  • Sowing Rate 95000 - 110000/ha
  • Growing Seasons Spring, Summer

About Booster

Booster is a very early dual purpose hybrid suitable for regions where an exceptionally high yielding, early maturing maize hybrid is desired. Featuring fantastic standability and good late season plant health. Booster’s yield stability provides a solid platform for silage and grain growers. High yield potential and consistency combined with a very good agronomic profile, make Booster the hybrid of choice in the “very early” maize market.

Booster and the Australian market. 

Booster is a new variety sourced out of New Zealand. In the Australian environment, Booster is suited to double cropping situations in NSW and QLD and provides earlier access to maize silage. Booster also fits perfectly into the shorter growing season of Western Vic and Tasmania. Shorting growing season hybrids like Booster, have the advantage of contributing outstanding yields and a high grain content for silage but at the same time, are harvested 2-3 weeks earlier than longer hybrids. This trait is especially important for Western Vic and Tasmania when soil temps are dropping fast in autumn, and farmers sow perennial pastures after maize.

Hybrid traits

All ratings are not comparable to any other companies’ ratings and are based on observations by Corson Maize staff. Data sourced from NZ.

Corson Maize Booster NEW dual purpose variety

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