• Very high summer productivity
  • Doesn't cause bloat 
  • Deep taproot
  • Excellent grazing tolerance
  • Sowing Rate 1-10 kg/ha
  • Days to Grazing From 56 To 75
  • Growing Seasons Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
  • Grazing Seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
  • Grazing Method Rotational Grazed – Short Term
  • Number Of Grazings +5
  • Rainfall Minimum 500mm per annum
  • Pasture Life 6 mths - 2years
  • Soil Fertility Low (Olsen P 10-15)

High yielding, outstanding persistence 

Puna is a top performing perennial herb with an extensive taproot which aids persistence. Puna is ideally suited to intensive sheep and beef grazing systems due to its prostrate growth. Puna is a reliable performer offering high quality feed through summer months making it an ideal companion in a finishing system. 

Puna chicory

Grazing management

Chicory should be rotationally grazed for best performance and persistence. Hard grazing, particularly in wet conditions, may cause damage to the crown and can affect production and persistence.


Minimum 500mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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