Pallaton Raphno® is now in it's second year in the Australian market. We continue to keep learning about this new forage, particularly the importance of grazing management. the variation in seasons over the past few years has shown us that regardless of what the season throws at us, grazing management is critical in maximising the performance of stock on Pallaton. Success with multiple grazings and plant persistence is strongly related to the pre-grazing height, which as a basic 'rule of thumb' is approximately knee height. So, the take home message for this season is to start right and graze early to set your Pallaton crop up for success. Farmers across New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania who have grown Pallaton over the last two seasons (2017/2018) have been followed closely by our PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales Team. Some key early adopting farmer were surveyed to see how Pallaton performed for them in a arrange of different farm systems and environments.

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Grazing Management

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