PGG Wrightson Seeds, AusWest, and Stephens Pasture Seeds join together and rebrand as DLF Seeds.

Since May 2019, PGG Wrightson Seeds, Agricom, AusWest Seeds, and Stephens Pasture Seeds have all been brands operating under DLF, a global leader in forage and amenity seeds based in Denmark. A recent decision has been made to simplify and improve this business model for farmers, end users and retail customers, by consolidating our multiple distribution channels and portfolio brands into a single channel/brand called DLF Seeds.

DLF Seeds now supplys the complete range of products currently available from PGG Wrightson Seeds, AusWest and Stephens Pasture Seeds, including the Agricom and PGG Wrightson Seeds proprietary products.

This change makes it easier for farmers, agronomists, and retailers to access our entire portfolio of quality forage seed varieties, Research and Development, advice and more through a single, simplified channel.

In the coming months, you can expect to see this branding change across our staff uniforms, email signatures, and other resources and communications. Our marketing guides, websites and packaging will evolve to DLF Seeds over time.

Operating as DLF Seeds allows us to do things faster, smarter and will ultimately be better for everyone. We are excited to continue to bring Australian farmers, agronomists, and retailers the same quality seed and service we have provided for over 80 years. 

It’s the same quality seed and service you know and trust, just with a different label. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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