The profits are in the weight gain, those extra kg matter! Maximise your operations return by checking out our Lamb & Beef Finishing Guide featuring carefully selected autumn forage varieties, improved grazing management & key tips for increased weight gains. Optimise your farms profitability with high yielding, homegrown feed today by choosing proprietary varieties that are backed by extensive research and development.

Torrens GT8 grazing tolerant lucerne

Torrens GT8 is the first grazing tolerant, highly winter active lucerne to be released to the Australian market. With a high leaf to stem ratio and fine stems it produces high quality forage for premium hay production or grazing. (Part of the Stamina range).

Stamina GT5 grazing tolerant lucerne

Stamina GT5 is a high performing lucerne variety that will produce quality hay and grazing opportunities for seven to ten years. The ultimate choice for grazing tolerant lucerne. 

Stamina GT6 grazing tolerant lucerne

Stamina GT6 combines useful winter growth, great persistence and the ability to tolerate set stocking of sheep. It provides excellent yield and quality during warmer growing months.

Ascend tetraploid annual ryegrass

With improved rust tolerance, Ascend maintains high leaf quality enabling excellent pasture utilisation as well as silage and hay quality during the spring and summer months (upgraded replacement to Winter Star® II)

Concord II diploid Italian ryegrass

Concord II is an outstanding Italian ryegrass with exceptional speed of establishment. It delivers increased winter production and solid seasonal dry matter production with the ability to carry through to the second year where conditions allow.

Quantum II MaxP summer-active tall fescue

Widely recognised as a market leader with its rapid establishment, increased animal acceptance (due to low aftermath heading) and high disease resistance.

Confederate phalaris

Confederate phalaris is a winter active phalaris with a similar growth habit to Sirosa and Holdfast.

Reward Endo5 tetraploid perennial ryegrass

A great all-round option. Reward is very late maturing variety producing high quality feed for longer.

Astred red clover

Selected for low levels of oestrogen, reducing the risk  of fertility problems in breeding animals. Astred is truly flexible making it suitable for finishing systems, dairy pastures and high quality hay production. 

Pallaton Raphno raphanobrassica

The first new forage brassica species to hit the Australian market in over 30 years. Persistent under multiple grazings and has shown high palatability to stock. With efficient use of water and aphid tolerance it is perfect for many farming operations. 

Quartz medium leaf white clover

An excellent yielding, persistent white clover that has broad adaptability across environments and farm systems

Puna II chicory

Puna II is a true perennial chicory bred for improved animal performance. It delivers premium quality feed and a high dry matter yield.

Mekong Briz antha brachiaria

Growing in a large range of soild types, Mekong provides high dry matter production and is a fantastic option for mixing with tropical grasses and legumes. 

Caatinga stylo

Featuring excellent drout and frost tolerence,Caatinga stylo is a perennial pasture legume mixture that will persist. Can live up to 4 years.

Rocket Fuel chicory & clover mix

Rocket Fuel is a proprietary seed blend consisting of chicory, red and white clover. It produces a leafy, high quality feed when traditional pastures decrease in quality.

Appin leafy turnip

Appin leafy turnip has a very high initial growth rate up until first grazing. 

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