Fuelling the dairy platform.

Choosing the right perennial pasture is crucial and different farm systems, environmental conditions and soil types require different pastures. That’s why we offer a range of perennial pasture options developed to perform in every paddock.

Base is a late maturing tetraploid perennial ryegrass available with AR37 endophyte. Base offers superb dry matter yield meaning more feed is available for your stock. An added feature of Base is its high seasonal production in autumn and winter. It also responds well to summer rainfall, providing growth when moisture and fertility are available.

A diploid perennial ryegrass# which has been bred to suit a range of farming regions in southern Australia. Platform AR37 is a fine leaved, mid-late heading (12+ days ) ryegrass with low aftermath heading enabling excellent pasture utilisation and quality late into the season. The combination of high tiller density, resilient ryegrass genetics and AR37 endophyte means Platform AR37 displays strong persistence as well as the ability to provide excellent forage production across all seasons.

#Platform has been bred, selected and successfully tested as a perennial and will function as a perennial ryegrass. Due to a small number of tip awns, Platform is certified as Lolium boucheanum.

Reward is a tetraploid perennial ryegrass with Endo5 endophyte bred for the Australian farmer. Reward is ideally suited to a broad range of farming systems including dairy, making it a great all-round option. It is very late maturing which means high quality feed for longer, especially at times when feed is needed most.

Pair perennial ryegrass with proprietary white clovers for the perfect pasture mix.

Mix proprietary clovers with perennial ryegrass at 20% to optimise soil nitrogen.  Using proprietary clovers as part of a balanced diet with provide all round quality feed and improve animal health, pasture performance and dry matter production.

Legacy large leaf white clover: A high performing large leaf clover offering greater persistence, high yields and improved year-round production, resulting in more nitrogen being generated to drive pasture performance.

Quartz medium leaf white clover: A high yielding, persistent medium leaf white clover with high stolon density and broad adaptability across various environments and farm systems.

Hilltop small-medium leaf white clover: Bred to cope with more challenging environments from variable soil fertility to variable moisture availability, Hilltop is a very robust and persistent small-medium leaf white clover.

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