The seed varieties that “just work” are the varieties that are backed by extensive Research & Development. Fantastic on their own & as part of a mix, choose the proven performers that deliver results to your operation by aiding existing pastures/crops or by standing alone. Whether you want to add clovers with that, a bit of extra protein or simply want some diversity, we have your autumn needs covered.

Ascend tetraploid annual ryegrass

With improved rust tolerance, Ascend maintains high leaf quality enabling excellent pasture utilisation as well as silage and hay quality during the spring and summer months (upgraded replacement to Winter Star® II)

Concord II diploid Italian ryegrass

Concord II delivers increased winter production and solid seasonal dry matter production.

Feast II tetraploid Italian ryegrass

Feast II offers farmers an excellent return on investment achieved by  multiple grazing opportunities during cooler months as well as high quality hay and silage later in the season.

Base AR37 tetraploid perennial ryegrass

Base AR37 perennial ryegrass has again come out on top of Dairy Australia's latest Australian Forage Value Index (FVI) 2020 update

Platform AR37 diploid perennial ryegrass

A fine leaved, mid-late heading (+12) ryegrass with low aftermath heading enabling excellent pasture utilisation and quality late into the season.

Reward Endo5 tetraploid perennial ryegrass

A great all-round option. Reward is very late maturing variety producing high quality feed for longer.

Quantum II MaxP summer-active tall fescue

Widely recognised as a market leader with its rapid establishment, increased animal acceptance (due to low aftermath heading) and high disease resistance. 

Pallaton Raphno raphanobrassica

The first new forage brassica species to hit the Australian market in over 30 years. Persistent under multiple grazings and has shown high palatability to stock. With efficient use of water and aphid tolerance it is perfect for many farming operations. 

Puna II chicory

Puna II is a true perennial chicory bred for improved animal performance. It delivers premium quality feed and a high dry matter yield.

Legacy large leaf white clover

Legacy offers improved clover production in your high performing perennial pasture system.

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