Autumn news items

Quality grasses and legumes

Our best and brightest have put together some key articles and a selection of quality grasses and legumes to supply you with farming information, recommendations and more to optimise pasture performance this Autumn. 

Maximise profit with optimised sowing rates: Italian ryegrass​.

Score an extra $56/ha profit by optimising your Italian ryegrass sowing rates. Leigh Creek trial demonstrates how to maximise profit with Feast® II, Lush AR37 tetraploid Italian ryegrass, or Concord® II diploid Italian ryegrass.


Deep-rooted grasses and their benefit in NSW Australia

Sow resilient, proven and persistent deep-rooted varieties that adapt to a wide range of soil types and farm systems. Sow Confederate phalaris & Temora winter active tall fescue for winter growth, Aurus cocksfoot for spring and summer production or Leona prairie grass for quality feed. 


Add value to perennial pastures with Nitrogen fixed from legumes.

Legumes have always been a valuable addition to perennial pastures and considering Nitrogen prices have skyrocketed over the past 12 months. For FREE Nitogen, read on and discover how to optimise performance of perennial legumes and maximise persistence within a perennial pasture sward.


3 articles coming soon.

Update on Base AR37 vs Victorian perennial ryegrass sheep trial results, Base AR37 dairy farm video interview and, Dairy Australias FVI results. Base AR37 has been the number one performer in Dairy Australia's Forage Value Index for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021;  Think it will win again? 



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