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Make it Homegrown Feed with leading, proprietary, proven performers.

Helping Australian farmers achieve their goals for over 80 years! For trusted, proven & innovative performers backed by exciting new technology & extensive R&D, make it Homegrown Feed with us this autumn.

Grow with us and discover our Autumn favourites, Autumn news items and exciting trial results below. Or, get in touch with your local Sales Agronomist  for information specific to your farming needs.

Key articles to supply you with farming information, recommendations and more to optimise pasture performance this autumn.​ 

Discover how to fix FREE nitrogen and add value to perennial pastures with nitrogen fixed from legumes. Read about maximising profits with Italian ryegrass for an extra $56/ha profit with optimised sowing rates. Hear what Bruce Ramsey has to say about leading deep-rooted grass varieties and their benefits. 

BASE AR37 ARTICLE COMING SOON: Update on Base AR37 vs Victorian perennial ryegrass trial results, Base AR37 dairy farm video interview and Dairy Australias FVI results. 


Proprietary perennial ryegrass and white clovers.

Choosing the right perennial pasture is crucial and different farm systems, environmental conditions and soil types require different pastures. That’s why we offer a range of perennial pasture options developed to perform in every paddock. 

Need Nitrogen? pair with our white clovers for the perfect pasture mix.


Discover the Stamina® range, NEW Torrens GT8 and Warrego GT6 grazing tolerant lucerne. 

Stamina grazing tolerant lucerne - Premium quality hay and TRUE grazing tolerance. The Stamina range of modern lucernes provide a higher return on investment (especially after 3 years) in comparison to older cultivars such as Aurora. 

Remember that there is lucerne that tolerates grazing and there is grazing tolerant lucerne.


If you are having trouble accessing your traditional dual-purpose canola seed this year, try Pallaton Raphno®.

Achieve multiple grazings with Australia's first new forage brassica species in over 30 years. A recent collaboration between the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) finds that the grazing flexibility and persistence of Autumn sown Pallaton in comparison to canola and forage cereals offer producers a viable alternative.

With the limited stock availability of dual-purpose canola, take the opportunity this autumn to grow high-quality feed with Pallaton.


Grow your productivity with proven tropical and subtropical varieties.

Increase your return on investment and sow a high performing Brachiaria pasture or chicory crop or improve soil nitrogen with proprietary tropical and subtropical legumes. 

Discover the Envirogro® seed treatment process: The tailored process, that cleans, treats, and improves the bare seed count and purity of your tropical and subtropical grasses and legumes.



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