Envirogro® Seed Treatment

The Envirogro® seed treatment process gives PGG Wrightson Seeds Tropical and Subtropical seed varieties a better start.

Envirogro® seed treatment is a tailored process which cleans, treats and improves the bare seed count and purity of tropical and subtropical grasses.

Envirogro Benefits

  • Coated with insecticide, polymer and talc/lime
  • Improved seed flowability and ballistic properties
  • Improves seed quality and purity
  • Increases bare seed count for a higher return on investment
  • Produces a clean, uniform seed
  • Reduced risk of establishment failure
  • Removes seed husk from the caryopsis (if required)
  • Removes weed seed, waste material and contaminants

Bare Seed Complications

  • Difficulty achieving accurate seed placement to match desired sowing rates
  • Difficult to handle efficiently
  • Harder to calibrate seeding equipment
  • High risk of insect invasion
  • Includes weed seed, sticks and other contaminants in seed count/seed bag weight
  • Increased risk of weed seed contamination
  • Potential limited access to necessary nutrients at germination
  • Seed bridging in sowing equipment

The Envirogro seed treatment process is tested after every phase.

Phase 1: Cleaning

Bare seed is harvested from the paddock and cleaned of contaminants and debris.

Phase 2: Dehulling (species specific)

Bare seed is taken through as process of de-hulling, leaving on the caryopses - the important bit. Then the seed is cleaned again to achieve high purity.

Phase 3: Coating

Utilising state of the art technology, the caryopses is pelleted; this includes a coating of insecticide, polymers and talc/lime to provide the seedling with improved success rates.

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