Ultrastrike® is a broad spectrum ‘film coat’ that provides establishing grass and brassica seedlings with extensive protection.


  • Assists in maximising seedling establishment and plant development
  • Effective against a range of common insects
  • Effective against a range of diseases in brassica and chicory
  • Not harmful to beneficials such as earthworms
  • Cost effective compared with ‘broadacre’ control options

Grass, Brassica* and Chicory

 Recommended For

  • Use in nil-tillage or over-sowing programmes because of the increased risk of insect damage in grass-to-grass environments
  • Over-sowing situations where competition from the existing pasture can be limiting
  • All autumn and spring sown brassica crops

 *Pasja II and Appin are not Poncho Plus treated

Pasja II and Appin

 Recommended For

  • All autumn and spring sown brassica crops

  • Gaucho®, a systemic insecticide for protection against Red Legged Earth Mite and Blue Oat Mite. Please note, in some cases where high numbers of mites are present, a follow up insecticide treatment may be necessary
  • Thiram fungicide effective against the ‘damping off’ diseases Pythium and Fusarium
  • Molybenum, an essential trace element for general brassica growth reducing the risk of ‘Whiptail’

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