Envirogro® is a special cleaning and treatment process that removes the seed kernel from the husk of the bare seed, leaving the caryopses. This reduces weed seed and other waste material in the final product. The result is improved seed quality, less seed inactivity and better seed flow during sowing. The caryopses is then treated with insecticide and fertiliser to provide the seedling with improved success rates.

Envirogro® treated seed versus Bare Seed


  • Reduces weed seed and other waste material
  • Improves seed quality
  • Less seed inactivity
  • Better seed flow during sowing
  • Improved success when sowing with Envirogro® seed
  • Treated with insecticide for increased insect protection
  • Treated with fertiliser to enhance seedling health

Bare Seed

  • Increased risk of weed seed contamination
  • Harder to calibrate seeding equipment
  • Higher rates of dormant and hard seed
  • Seed bridging in sowing equipment
  • Difficult to handle
  • Limited access to necessary nutrients at germination
  • Difficult to accurately match sowing rate to desired plant stand

Recommended for

Tropical and subtropical seed


Gaucho®, a systemic insecticide for protection against Red Legged Earth Mite and Blue Oat Mite. Please note, in some cases where high numbers of mites are present, a follow up insecticide treatment may be necessary

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