Step 8

After autumn rains, spray out germinating weeds with glyphosate when full germination has occurred

  • After autumn opening rains, monitor paddock for weed germination and insect pests and spray out germinating weeds when full germination has occurred (second autumn application of glyphosate).
  • Spray out with glyphosate and appropriate insecticide for insect’s present, ensure proper coverage occurs of all germinating weeds.

  • The second autumn application of glyphosate is an integral part of the Programmed Approach™ to pasture renewal, being the last chance to clean up weeds before going into a perennial pasture.
  • Capture the full value of glyphosate by applying the second autumn application; let it move into the roots with the sap flow.
  • Leave at least 3-5 days before drilling or cultivation.
  • Successful control of perennial weeds such as Californian thistle, Couch, Kikuyu and Paspalum, finishes with a second autumn application of glyphosate.
Weeds germinating
Example of germinating weeds

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