Step 6

Sow a brassica or chicory crop of Titan, Pasja II, Goliath, Pallaton Raphno® or Rocket Fuel®

  • Sow a brassica crop of Titan, Pasja II, Goliath, or Pallaton through either cultivation or direct drilling.
  • Depending on paddock contour and soil type, cultivate to form a fine but firm seedbed.
  • Sow a brassica crop of Titan forage rape, Goliath forage rape, Barkant turnip, Pasja II leafy turnip, *Pallaton Raphno® , or a chicory crop of Rocket Fuel®.
    Be sure to use Ultrastrike® treated seed for protection during establishment.


  • The summer crop offers excellent quality feed through the summer months when pasture quality is lower.
  • If grown successfully, brassicas crops are a cheap source of feed that can fill feed gaps over a wide range of farming systems.
  • When direct drilling, monitor slug populations. It is best practice to graze pastures hard and apply slug bait before slug numbers build (this can help remove a host and lower slug numbers). Drilling in good conditions and using press wheels to close the drill slot will lower the risk of creating a habitat for slugs to live when drill slots are left open.
    * Pallaton Raphno® is available through accredited retailers only.
An establishing crop of Titan forage rape near Dumbalk, Victoria
Establishing Titan forage rape near Dumbalk, VIC

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