Grower Guidelines

In order to obtain maximum value from your Pallaton Raphno® crop, best practice management is essential.


Ground Preparation

Conventional sowing

Spray the target paddock out with a recommended rate of glyphosate and penetrant. At least three days following spray out, hard graze to remove existing vegetation prior to cultivation. Cultivate to prepare a finefirm and weed-free seed bed. Spray with an insecticide after sowing.


Best practice is to double-spray with a broad-spectrum herbicide, with the initial spray out at least six weeks prior to sowing. A second spray with glyphosate occurs prior to drilling and should include an insecticide. Always use slug bait when direct drilling.

Pre-sowing Fertiliser 

It is recommended that paddocks sown into Pallaton are soil tested at least six months prior to planting so nutrient deficiencies can be corrected prior to crop establishment.

All brassica crops respond strongly to nitrogen and phosphorus. Fertiliser should be either applied during the final cultivation and worked into the seed zone OR applied down the direct drill below the seed.

Optimum soil fertility is important for plants to continue to perform over multiple grazings.

Note: Base fertiliser should exclude sulphur unless sulphur is deficient, forage brassicas have nil requirement for additional sulphur compared to Canola.

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