Southern Green Ryecorn

Southern Green forage ryecorn is a high yielding, quick winter feed option that can be ready for grazing 3 weeks before oats, especially when sown late into cold conditions.

Southern Green is an earlier maturing forage ryecorn compared to common ryecorn that can deliver an additional 30% of dry matter (DM) production in 90-100 days after sowing.

Highly palatable whilst in the vegetative stage, Southern Green is grazed preferentially before oats in early winter but can become unpalatable in spring because stems are more fibrous than those of other cereals.

Southern Green doesn’t require vernalisation to trigger the change from vegetative growth to reproductive growth. Vernalisation is the plants mechanism to survive cold periods thereby triggering the plant into the reproductive phase which in turn will produce seed heads.

Early grazing is very important to ensure that you get the maximum value and return from Southern Green forage ryecorn.

Southern Green has extremely quick growth which is a result of it looking to produce seed as soon after germination as it can. It is important that Southern Green is lightly grazed as soon as it can withstand pulling. This will encourage the plants to grow more tillers, therefore adding extra growth, extending its growing period beyond one grazing. If the initial grazing is left too late, the potential for follow up grazing will be very minor due to the growing point being eaten leading to a reduction in secondary tillers.

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