About Us

Here at PGG Wrightson Seeds we pride ourselves on delivering top of the line, innovative products backed by extensive Research and Development.

  • We have been helping Australian farmers achieve their goals for over 80 years. 
  • We deliver market-leading technologies, advice and systems fit for a wide range of farming operations and climatic conditions.
  • We work closely with various local and international partners, breeding programmes and retailers to improve productivity.
  • We have experienced Sales Agronomists across all Australian states and territories.
  • Purpose built cold storage facilities to ensure endophyte percentages are maintained.
  • All PGG Wrightson Seeds varieties go through vigorous testing with animal grazing trials incorporated into plant breeding.

The PGG Wrightson Seeds Story

PGG Wrightson Seeds have been in the Australian forage seed business since 1938 and introduced the first proprietary cultivar into Australia in 1987. Since this time we have proudly led the development of improved pasture plant genetics in this country, with a focus on grazing, animal health, farm productivity, farm system fit and agronomy advice. 

We have relationships with primary research partners including AgResearch and Plant and Food Research in New Zealand. We are able to take advantage of this research and incorporate it for performance in the Australian environment.

This includes, but is not limited to Forage Innovations Limited (FIL) a joint venture between Plant & Food Research and PGG Wrightson Seeds, which is the the largest dedicated forage brassica breeding company in the world. 

At PGG Wrightson Seeds we appreciate that there is a lot of information around cultivars. Our aim is to help remove some of the confusion and make your decision easier. Your local PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales Agronomists are always here to help with your decisions. 

To get in touch or for information specific to your nees get in touch and contact your local PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales Agronomist here

Or contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 1800 619 910

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