About Us

PGG Wrightson Seeds has been in the Australian forage seed business since 1938 and introduced the first proprietary cultivar into Australia in 1987. Since this time we have proudly led the development of improved pasture plant genetics in this country.

We have continued our commitment to develop improvements to our seed that will deliver better pastures and crops to farmers to support their bottom line. This year alone our research team will operate 130 trials to test our products in real farming situations. Add to this feedback from growers, farmers and agronomists so you can be sure that we are bringing the very latest information and products to Australian farmers.

A truly national supplier of seed to Australia’s farmers, PGG Wrightson Seeds has a complete range of proprietary temperate, tropical and sub-tropical range of seeds to suit a wide range of pasture and cropping operations. In addition services such as seed coating to improve seed growth and our Envirogro® cleaning process for tropical and sub-tropical species ensures that we deliver improved seed quality to farmers.

PGG Wrightson Seeds is committed to providing support and assistance to Australia’s farmers. With ten Pasture Specialists located across the country, each with intimate local knowledge, we encourage and welcome farmers to contact our team directly for our free farm planning service, grazing management advice and paddock planning.

Your Quality Commitment

We’re committed to delivering seed that meets seed certification standards as specified by the Australian Seed Federation. So feel free to ask for a Seed Analysis Certificate to further confirm the premium quality.

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