Corson C56-C4

Maize Silage (CRM 106)

  • Mid-to-late maturity silage
  • Very tall plant with large ears
  • A strong performer in this category
  • Growing Season Summer
  • Grazing Season Summer

Producing a tall crop with good grain yields, CORSON C4 has very good all-round plant health traits, staygreen and standability in particular. CORSON C4 lifts mid-late maturity performance to another level.

CORSON C4 is an impressive maize silage. It is tall in stature and has high yield potential which will interest all maize growers. CORSON C4 gives the grower greater flexibility coupled with superb performance.

Where Can it Grow

Sowing & Establishment

Grazing Management


Minimum mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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