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concord II
Ultrastrike® film coat seed recommended
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The next generation

Concord® II is an outstanding Italian ryegrass with exceptional speed of establishment. It delivers increased winter production and solid seasonal dry matter production with the ability to carry through to the second year where conditions allow. 

Concord® II is the next generation Concord®, which was the first proprietory ryegrass released in Australia by PGG Wrightson Seeds.

Key uses and benefits
  • Exceptionally fast to establish
  • Even growth over the season
  • Regrowth into the second season is very good, given favourable conditions
  • Excellent disease resistance
Sowing Guide
  • Sowing rates should be 10-30kg/ha
  • Can be sown with other ryegrasses and clovers to maximise forage opportunities
Rainfall Guide

Minimum 500mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

Optimise and maximise with an Italian Ryegrass
Forage Focus
An in-depth look at Concord® II
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Getting the best value out of your pasture
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Programmed Approach to Pasture Renewal
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Pasture Recovery from Floods
Chris Wilson
Bodalla, NSW
'It has dense tillering characteristics and is highly palatable.'
Josh Hack
Taree, NSW
'I look forward to seeing Concord II in commercial farms this year.'
Keslie Wilson
Kiels Lane, Vic
'Concord II had a very high stocking rate all through winter and has responded very well through high weed infestation.'

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