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Leafy Turnip

Ultrastrike® film coat seed recommended
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The flexible, multi-graze option

Appin leafy turnip has a very high initial growth rate up until first grazing. Tops can be grazed initially, then regrowth of leaf and bulb will occur after a short spell.

Appin is a flexible, multi-graze leafy turnip with a high winter growth rate.

Key uses and benefits
  • Tops and bulbs are highly palatable for sheep and cattle
  • Excellent option for quick winter feed
  • Re-grazing in 30 days is possible if initial grazing is managed well
  • Highly compatible with annual and Italian ryegrass mixes
Sowing Guide
  • Sowing rate should be 1-4kg/ha
Rainfall Guide

Minimum 600mm rainfall per annum unless irrigated

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