We take
Bare Seed

Fresh from harvesting, bare seed has husks, impurities and contaminates such as weeds.

Clean it
from impurities

The seed is cleaned using our special cleaning process that removes the husks and weeds. We then put them through rigorous purity and germination tests.

Arm it with
Coatings & Fertiliser

Finally we arm the seed with Gaucho® insecticide, a protective coating and trace elements. Then we put it through more germination and live seed tests to give you great quality seed.

Envirogro® Benefits

  • Improves seed quality
  • Less seed inactivity
  • Better seed flow during sowing
  • Improved success when sowing with Envirogro® seed
  • Treated with Gaucho® for increased insect protection
  • Treated with fertiliser to enhance seedling health
  • Bare Seed

  • Increased risk of weed seed contamination
  • Harder to calibrate seeding equipment
  • Higher rates of dormant and hard seed
  • Seed bridging in sowing equipment
  • Difficult to handle
  • Limited access to necessary nutrients at germination
  • Difficult to accurately match sowing rate to desired plant stand